mr. dawkins and definitions.

This week on Twitter InYourFaceNewYorker said:"I honestly don't know what I would do if I were pregnant with a kid with Down Syndrome. Real ethical dilemma."And Richard Dawkins replied with this:"Abort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice."10:53 AM - 20 Aug 2014And then... Continue Reading →

Adam Update.

Adam is ON THE CHARTS FOR HIS AGE GROUP!And the whole family did a happy dance.He was in the 2nd percentile for weight at our last check-up.Yes, that is small...but who cares!?ON the chart is a BIG deal!Adam is learning by leaps and bounds.He can sign...please, thank you, food, more, and cracker.He babbles but doesn't... Continue Reading →

Asher update.

He has gone from a Ukrainian hospital....To a Ukrainian orphanage...Alone.With no family.No Mama.No Daddy.No brothers or sisters...Unwilling to make eye contact.Unsure of how to play.Unaware of people around him...Living in an orphanage.Destined to a life in an asylum because he has an extra chromosome.And now...This teeny boy has a best friend in our house.TC.TC and... Continue Reading →


I met Adam in the doctor's office at the orphanage in Kharkov, Ukraine.He was our "plus one."Our last minute addition.I have had lots of questions about how the "Hey Nigel, I think I'll bring home two boys" conversation went. How do you ask your husband at the last minute if two boys are acceptable? I... Continue Reading →


Well, friends...My bathroom smells perpetually of poop. One of our teeny boys (ahem, Asher)  uses bath time to evacuate his intestines. I use post-bath-time trying to convince Nigel that I am too dainty to clean poop from a works. Some of the time.Sweet Asher.Our first face-to-face meeting was February 8th.I knew very little about... Continue Reading →

What happened…

Well, my friends...we are home.My sister and I survived.I am doing the "nutshell" version of our trip....stay with me....We left the USA...on a plane.I turned into a wackadoo before we even took off.Apparently, when given situations of high stress (like leaving kids for long periods of time and adding new kids) I just lose my... Continue Reading →


Well my friends,We are packing and preparing.My sister and I should be leaving for Eastern Europe in a few weeks.To get a little boy.This little boy has been listed for adoption since he was an infant.He is almost four now.When we found out about Auggie, I was just so confused.We really considered stopping the process... Continue Reading →

Auggie and Yesterday.

Yesterday, while waiting in line for Thunder Railroad...We found out that Auggie is no longer available for adoption.His biological family is planning to take him out of the orphanage.And I began to grieve and rejoice.Auggie's family wants him. And that IS amazing.But I still miss him.We were and are aware that children can become unavailable... Continue Reading →

Grandpa without Grandma.

I found out how fragile life is this week.Everyone says it, but you just don't feel it until death finds someone you love.My grandmother passed away last Friday.She slipped from this life quietly into the next.She was an old lady.The most heart wrenching part of the week was being around my grandfather. He would not... Continue Reading →

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