I met Adam in the doctor’s office at the orphanage in Kharkov, Ukraine.
He was our “plus one.”
Our last minute addition.

I have had lots of questions about how the “Hey Nigel, I think I’ll bring home two boys” conversation went. How do you ask your husband at the last minute if two boys are acceptable? I really don’t remember how it went…I just know he agreed. I am pretty sure he said “I figured.”
He knows me so well.

Adam and Asher were in the same orphanage, but different rooms.
When I saw him for the first time…
he smiled and drooled.
So cute.

He also had a suh-weet mullet.
Mullets are all the rage in Ukraine.

In the orphanage, he was giggly and smiley for about 15 to 30 minutes
and then he would promptly fall asleep.
He preferred to spend our visits napping.
I am not sure why. Maybe I was just a little overwhelming for him.

We got to take Adam outside twice.
He hates snow suits.
A lot.

Adam can make some awesome faces.
When he is happy, he is adorable.
When he is mad…adorable.
Making faces?…adorable…
There is no instance in which this boy is anything but adorable.
(Please refer to the following pictures for proof!)

Adam just turned two.
He likes apple sauce and crackers.
He likes mud.
A lot.

Honestly, when we found out we could get Adam’s referral I got nervous. 
Two more boys!? That makes six boys. 
That is a lot of boys.
A lot of bodily functions.
Lots of silly.
Lots of fun.
And now that Adam is here, I cannot imagine him NOT being here. 
This, to me, is the beauty of adoption.
God took these little souls and graciously gave them to us.
I will never understand why we have been so blessed.
Adam, our little “plus one,” 
our funny, little surprise…
Happy Birthday. 

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  1. You were chosen to take care of one of God's angels! Thank you for sharing him with us mortals. He is a gift and I'm thrilled to have witnessed him coming into your lives through your incredible pics while you were there and now to keep up with him at HOME!!!!Happy, Happy Birthday, sweet Adam


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