Well my friends,

We are packing and preparing.
My sister and I should be leaving for Eastern Europe in a few weeks.
To get a little boy.


This little boy has been listed for adoption since he was an infant.
He is almost four now.

When we found out about Auggie, I was just so confused.
We really considered stopping the process and doing it again later.
When it made more sense.
When it was more convenient.
What a joke.

I have been reminded again and again there is no perfect time.
Except for boys and girls waiting on a family.
The perfect time for them was last week, last year…or for this little boy, almost 4 years ago…

How many children are lost because of the grown-ups waiting on a better time? A bigger house? A better retirement account? A different job? A larger vehicle?
I can’t be the person to turn away…
Not with so many still needing families.

So we are still in the process…waiting on travel dates.
Packing. Planning.

Political Climate.
One wild card is the political upheaval that is going on in Eastern Europe.
I can’t do anything about it.
I can only proceed as planned and stop if we are forced to do so because of civil unrest.

So pray for us, friends.
For safety. For a speedy process.
For the sweet ones with a family coming for them
and especially for the ones without.

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