Asher update.

He has gone from a Ukrainian hospital….
To a Ukrainian orphanage…
With no family.
No Mama.
No Daddy.
No brothers or sisters…
Unwilling to make eye contact.
Unsure of how to play.
Unaware of people around him…
Living in an orphanage.
Destined to a life in an asylum because he has an extra chromosome.
And now…
This teeny boy has a best friend in our house.
TC and Asher are buddies.
Asher likes to click his teeth on TC’s head.
Right now, it is Asher’s favorite activity besides eating.
Sweet boy.

He has been home for almost 3 months…I think.
I can hardly keep track with all of the activity.

We have been to 18 doctor’s visits (so far.)
I have cleaned approximately 673 poops out of the bath tub.
I have kissed him a million times.
I have rocked him to sleep twice, he still hates it.
He has had two hair cuts (which he hates). 14 nail clippings (hates these too)…

I have asked myself and been asked by countless people…
Why international adoption this time? Why not a child here? 
I think the best explanation is that I just do not agree that adoption should be restricted by my geographical location. Why should I be circumscribed to only American orphans? Is an orphan abroad less valuable than an orphan in my own locale? I think no.

I know my big kids would agree.
I like to think Asher would too.

Curious about adoption?  
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