Adam Update.

And the whole family did a happy dance.
He was in the 2nd percentile for weight at our last check-up.
Yes, that is small…but who cares!?
ON the chart is a BIG deal!

Adam is learning by leaps and bounds.
He can sign…please, thank you, food, more, and cracker.
He babbles but doesn’t speak quite yet.

I think he has a ridiculous sense of humor.
He will babble “mamamamamamamamaaaaa.”
And I, being insanely excited, will smile encouragingly. Saying, “Yes! Mama!”
And he, being a bull-headed Amerikrainian (that I know is torturing me on purpose) 
will giggle and say “Dadadadadada!”
Every. Single. Time.

Adam hates cake.
I was so excited to make his first birthday cake.
And here is what happened….

Me: Adam, try your birthday cake! Want a bite? It is sooo yummy! You will love it! 
Adam: AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (wiping mouth furiously, crying, and dry-heaving)

Adam likes me to carry him around.
Every second of every day.
I have been putting him in the baby carrier on my back.
But he doesn’t like that either.
He much prefers to ride around attached to my front.
On the occasion that I do have to put him on my back…
He sweetly, kindly, (screechingly)  lets me know that he does not approve by leaning waaaaay over and hollering at the absolute top of his lungs…
just in case I wasn’t sure how he felt about his mode of transportation. 
Why not just put him on the ground? 
Well, when I do that he attaches himself like a barnacle to my leg and cries big, sad tears. 
It is pitiful.
And so far, I just cannot stand it.
And in the land of adoption-bonding, Adam actually liking me (even in a loud sort of way) is a good thing. 
Adam is settling right into family life.
He knows which ones of us are suckers (me, Joseph, TC) 
and which ones of us aren’t (everyone else).
He seems to recognize that we are his family. 
And he belongs.
And that is all adoption is…
A place to belong.
Please leave any questions in the comment section 

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