be excited with me!

When we committed to adopting Auggie we were introduced to a whole world of other children needing families. One teeny boy, in particular, stuck in my mind.

This is Royce:

30412204426 Royce

He is in the same country as Auggie. He has Cerebral Palsy like Auggie, too.

I started asking friends if they had space for one more.
I started posting about Royce on facebook via Joanna’s blog.
There just had to be someone.

His stiff little arms and legs, his thinness, his vacant expression…they all just haunted me.
I just so. very. badly. wanted a family to go get sweet Royce.

When I saw Royce on Reece’s Rainbow I knew he was in quite a predicament. He is three years old.
In his region it standard practice to transfer children with special needs to an institution at four
Further, in Royce and Auggie’s country, it is commonplace for children with Cerebral Palsy to spend their abbreviated lives in a crib. 
Day in. Day out. 
Staring at the ceiling.
A little head banging on the crib bars for entertainment.
A little whimpering in hopes that someone might come.
Then along came the Regier family.
Be excited.
I am.
Because they are going to get Royce.

Displaying IMG_2653 - Version 2.JPG
Soon, little Royce will have a family! 
He will have a mom. A dad.
Two sisters and  a brother.
He will also have an Eastern European friend right down the road. (AKA Auggie!)
Everyone give me a virtual high five. And maybe cry for a second or two. 
The Regier family is not that different from a lot of other American families.
With one glaring exception. 
They said yes.

Yes to copious amounts of paperwork.
Yes to lots and lots of money (Donate to Royce’s adoption expenses here.)
Yes to flying across the world.
Yes to one less orphan.
Yes to precious Royce. 

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