mr. dawkins and definitions.

This week on Twitter InYourFaceNewYorker said:"I honestly don't know what I would do if I were pregnant with a kid with Down Syndrome. Real ethical dilemma."And Richard Dawkins replied with this:"Abort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice."10:53 AM - 20 Aug 2014And then... Continue Reading →

be excited with me!

When we committed to adopting Auggie we were introduced to a whole world of other children needing families. One teeny boy, in particular, stuck in my mind.This is Royce:He is in the same country as Auggie. He has Cerebral Palsy like Auggie, too.I started asking friends if they had space for one more.I started posting... Continue Reading →

the plank in my eye…

Ever since we have committed to adopting Auggie, I have been noticing a pattern. A pattern of complaining about blessings. Whining about privileges. I think we have always done this, I just haven't noticed quite how much until confronted with the reality of adopting another child. A child in a poverty-ridden country. A child with... Continue Reading →

Excuses, excuses.

We are taking one of our kids to a new doctor.I know we need to go. I don't want to.My son is a little older now. And he is starting to wonder why he screams and other kids don't. And why sleeping is so difficult.And why the way things feel can make him throw a... Continue Reading →

Joseph Uncle Stewart

Joseph is possibly one of the sweetest people put on the planet. He has been that way ever since I have known him. He is kind and compassionate. He shares without being told. He is encouraging and polite. He really is just sweet. Joseph came to live with us for the first time when he... Continue Reading →

a little bit sad.

Corban misses Ms. Sweetie...The girl he was determined to dislike. After all, she is a girl. But he still misses her. The girl who took his cookie and kicked him. The girl he read to every night. The girl with whom he planned and performed puppet shows. Every night. He misses her. He came in the living room with... Continue Reading →

A Little Sarcasm and Salad.

This morning, while taking the kids to the zoo, I was listening to the radio. Not unusual.For several minutes the radio people were talking about celebrating National Salad Month. Apparently, in America, we have a celebratory month just for salad. At first I found it humorous. So of course, when I got home, I had to... Continue Reading →


Today I got peed on twice.Today I pulled a stuffed animal out of my toilet, and there were other things floating in there too.I am not joking. Today I fell asleep and snored myself awake.Today I thought if I could just squeeze in a 5 to 10  hour nap, I might be functional enough to carry on... Continue Reading →


I was watching a leadership promo thing at our church on Sunday. And the guy on the screen looked right at me and asked:"What story do YOU want to tell?"My immediate thought was...not mine.My story is mostly boring: White girl, raised in upper-middle class neighborhood. My life got slightly more interesting when I turned 12. That... Continue Reading →

fixable obstacles.

I took a personality test a few months ago, and realized I have a horrible personality. It was great for my self-esteem.For those of you that don't know...I can be harsh and critical. I am rather loud, rather bossy, and can be accidentally abrasive. I am not overly emotional. I am a fixer, goal oriented,... Continue Reading →

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