A Little Sarcasm and Salad.

This morning, while taking the kids to the zoo, I was listening to the radio. Not unusual.
For several minutes the radio people were talking about celebrating National Salad Month. Apparently, in America, we have a celebratory month just for salad.

At first I found it humorous.

So of course, when I got home, I had to find out about National Salad Month because I like salad. I also like to find any kind of weird trivia that Nigel does NOT know. And he knows A LOT of oddball trivia.

So I googled National Salad Month and found a helpful website that explained…

“National Salad Month is a holiday celebrated in the United States during the month of May. The Association for Dressings & Sauces (ADS), welcomes National Salad Month and encourage everyone to be creative when incorporating a salad into your healthy eating regimen. The Association for Dressings & Sauces launched National Salad Month in May of 1992, in response to a 1991 Gallup Poll that revealed that three out of four people eat a tossed salad at least every other day. According to polls, salads taste better with salad dressing.” http://www.gone-ta-pott.com/national_salad_month.html
From this paragraph alone I learned that ADS doesn’t just stand for Astrophysics Data System. Amazing. Let’s continue…
“By an astonishing coincidence, the second full week of May is also National Herb Week.” http://www.gone-ta-pott.com/national_salad_month.html

Indeed, I am astonished that May also contains one week in celebration of herbs.

Then, of course, I had to dig further…
Let me list off a few of the “awarenesses” that are also celebrated in May…

International Respect for Chickens Month
Foot Health Month
National Good Car-Care Keeping Month
National Duckling Month
Revise Your Work Schedule Month
Correct Posture Month
Asparagus Month
Fungal Infection Awareness Month

Really, this list is just a tribute to lobbyists. Someone, somewhere, convinced at least one cognizant human being to declare May “Asparagus Month.” This brought me to the realization that there are freakishly excellent persuaders in our great country. Team Asparagus, I salute you. Team Chicken Respect and Team Fungal Infection, I want to BE you. Because, apparently, you have conquered the hard sell. Who REALLY wants to be the legislator that is remembered for Fungal Infection? And yet, in the face of such hardship, YOU convinced them.

I am in awe. (and a little grossed out)
Because it is also Foster Care Awareness Month. And I have decided that I not only want Teams Asparagus, Chicken Respect and Fungal Infection on my side for their spectacular persuasive prowess…I find I also want the majority of YOU to join the ranks of foster care advocates.

Advocating requires your prayers, your time, your action, and your VOICE.
I want more advocates.
I want us to get better educated.
I want us to become AWARE.
I want this because…
these children NEED more than what they are currently being offered.
they deserve a chance to have a life beyond the stigma of being a “foster kid.”
children are more important than salad.

Happy National Salad Month.



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