It is Adoption Awareness Month. I see lots of children posted on social media as "available for adoption." I see lots of beautiful quotes and ideas. I appreciate this. I get asked to speak during November. To raise awareness, to tell our story, to share what being an orphan really means. Many times at these... Continue Reading →

our American life.

Hello sweet friends, Life has been so weird of late. Auggie is still gone. We are still here. Corban and I went to NYC for meetings. I thought Judsen and Joe were going to come with me too, but when I offered they said New York is the city and it smells wonky. They are... Continue Reading →


I have long called my kids by numbers on social media posts.  8 years ago TC legally became our #1.  TC. My most elderly child is going to a military program to finish up high school. He is 17.  And that is super old. I am 36. I think. Someone correct me if I am... Continue Reading →


As a mom... Sometimes, I am wrong. Sometimes, I am afraid. Many times, I don't know what I am doing. There is just so much uncharted territory. Parenting children with special needs has proven especially heart-wrenching. It would be so easy to excuse behaviors. But, I cannot. I will not. This week has been hard. We... Continue Reading →

2014 is almost gone.

2014 will be a memory in short order. For our family, 2014 has been wonderful and horrible. Exhilarating and frightening. It has been a year of extremes for me. Maybe that is standard...I don't know.This year, obviously, one of our enormous life-changes was adding our two teeny boys to the family. I am not sure... Continue Reading →

adoption awareness.

I have spent National Adoption Awareness Month (aka November) trying to understand more about the workings of the Department of Social Services. It has been an emotional month.I keep hoping there will be a great story. I anxiously await any of the former foster youths to tell me, "foster care made such a positive impact on... Continue Reading →

waiting every Sunday.

Today is Orphan Sunday.I will spend today being generally grateful and heartbroken.Grateful for all the preciousness in our house.Heartbroken for all of the little lives without a family.In honor of today, please take a minute to view/read about children still waiting.Domestic. There are thousands of foster children in the U.S. that need a family.You can view... Continue Reading →

it’s complicated.

Right now, in my state, there is a disaster of a social services system.There is good ol' boy politics at play.There is red tape.Complicated bureaucracy at its worst.There is insufficient accountability for what is done and not done that directly affects one of our most unprotected group of humans.Foster Children.The South Carolina political world has... Continue Reading →

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