waiting every Sunday.

Today is Orphan Sunday.

I will spend today being generally grateful and heartbroken.

Grateful for all the preciousness in our house.

Heartbroken for all of the little lives without a family.

In honor of today, please take a minute to view/read about children still waiting.

There are thousands of foster children in the U.S. that need a family.
You can view some of the children waiting at: adoptuskids.org.

I am not legally allowed to post pictures or profiles of these children. (I already checked) but I can link you to some of the profiles.

If you can handle large family life check out THIS group of seven. 
Or THIS group of four. 
If you prefer to pass the baby-stage check out THESE brothers.
Or THESE brothers.
If you just love babies check out THIS adorableness.
Or THIS sweet girl.  

Meet Emil.  This little angel is the same age as my eldest son, but looks like a toddler.
He is 15. He has Down syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. When he is 16 he will be ineligible for U.S. adoption. Chances are slim to none that he will be adopted in his own country.
He has a very large adoption grant, over half of his expenses are already covered.
And yet he is still an orphan.

Meet Matthew. He reminds me so much of Auggie.
And Maureen
Today, just like yesterday, and just like tomorrow, on non-orphan Sundays, and every Sunday from now until they are adopted, age-out or die, these children will still be there. Waiting
For a mom. A dad. A sister, brother. For someone to see their value.  
Perhaps today, that someone is you
Interested in foster care and/or adoption? 
Email: thesometimes8irons@gmail.com 

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