I hear all kinds of things since beginning our foster and adoption journey. You are a saint.  You must be so patient. These kids are so lucky you saved them. These comments put us in a group of humans in which we simply do not belong. An unattainable group of parental perfection. Impossible. Let us... Continue Reading →

#8. one year.

One year ago we stood in a tiny Ukrainian courtroom. Explaining to a judge why Auggie should be adopted. Why children need families. Why we should be Auggie's. One year ago, I was told we may be adopting a terminally ill child. As it turned out, he was simply starving. One year ago, Auggie wore... Continue Reading →


I have long called my kids by numbers on social media posts.  8 years ago TC legally became our #1.  TC. My most elderly child is going to a military program to finish up high school. He is 17.  And that is super old. I am 36. I think. Someone correct me if I am... Continue Reading →

Auggie is five.

Auggie turns FIVE TODAY!! I can't even contain myself. I am not sure if I should cry or clap or I don't even know. Can I please tell you, I love this kid. He has not had easy beginnings. But, how he has come alive. Let us peruse the photographic evidence. My favorite kind. It... Continue Reading →


Originally posted May, 2015. Updated December, 2018. I get lots of feedback from people when we get asked the question..."Will you adopt more?" I usually say "I have no idea." Because that is the truth. That seems to strike people as odd. Because we have lots of kids. People assume we can't handle more. Or that we... Continue Reading →


Recently, I have been in conversation with wise, kind, adoptive moms about the reality of raising kids with histories based in trauma. There is so much hurt associated with it. Theirs and ours. A few of these women expressed that no one in the adoption community ever voiced  just how hard this journey can be.... Continue Reading →

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