#8. one year.

One year ago we stood in a tiny Ukrainian courtroom. Explaining to a judge why Auggie should be adopted. Why children need families. Why we should be Auggie’s.
One year ago, I was told we may be adopting a terminally ill child.
As it turned out, he was simply starving.
One year ago, Auggie wore two, TWO newborn sized diapers because his legs were too thin for one.

One year ago, I was scared. I still can be. So can Auggie. And honestly, it has been a slightly scary year. We have had surgeries, many hospital stays, infinite doctoring visits. We tease him a bit about all of this…he is slightly high maintenance.

It has been a year of ups and downs. Our plate is full. Our schedules overflowing. We need naps. A lot of them.
Auggie is still very nervous around new people. He still startles very easily. He still hyperventilates a bit. But not as much.
Auggie has been our teacher this year. We have learned about patience and perseverance. We have learned about hurt and healing.
I have learned that I possess very few answers. I cannot tell you why such tragedies occur in this world. I cannot explain away 4 years and 7 months of too-little nutrition. There is no explanation for the sedation, starvation, and absolute neglect that our boy endured.
I do know there is redemption. There is life beyond beginnings. I also know there are many that are not offered any possibility.
Auggie is now 23ish pounds. And 32ish inches long. He grows.

September 2015


August 2016

He smiles.  Big and beautiful.

 He has people. A tribe of protectors, cheerleaders, helpers, friends. A precious, silly, amazing group.


Every adoption adds new elements of adjustment to a family. Auggie’s was no different. I look over these pictures and I remember. I remember holding Auggie for the first time. I remember his bones poking into my arm. His sunken cheeks. His baggy, newborn sized clothing. I remember explaining again and again to people who would ask, how old is your baby? 
I have spent some of the last year being angry.  And all of the year being thankful. For this life. This child. This family.  As in all things, there is purpose. Even in the difficulties.

If you ever wondered if you should adopt…
If you ever need another reason…
From orphan to brother and son.
One year.

August 2015
August 2016

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