on being 16.

We have three sixteen-year-olds today. Judsen, Joe, and Atticus.  Our first meeting. April 2018. Every one of our children brought new dimensions into our family. Each an important piece we never knew was missing. I will readily admit that out of all of our adoptions, Atticus' was the most emotionally taxing for me. Auggie's sudden... Continue Reading →

October 22

Today marks 1 year and 7 months since Auggie's death. He was an Irons for 1 year and 7 months. He has now been gone as long as he was with us. And that makes me a tiny bit crazy - I am thankful for every day, but it is still a day without Auggie.... Continue Reading →

the tiniest teenager.

We have been home from the hospital with Atticus for a few days now. Atti is doing pretty well. We can be overwhelming and loud for him. He requires breaks during the day - where it is quiet and he has time to regroup. Atticus is a tiny little man. Our 15-year-old left Ukraine weighing... Continue Reading →


Well, my friends. We have been rather busy around here.  Life has been odd, as usual. After Auggie died, we sent paperwork to his first country in order to keep that door open - we just weren't ready to say no forever. And then, on March 21st, I got a phone call letting us know... Continue Reading →

It is Adoption Awareness Month. I see lots of children posted on social media as "available for adoption." I see lots of beautiful quotes and ideas. I appreciate this. I get asked to speak during November. To raise awareness, to tell our story, to share what being an orphan really means. Many times at these... Continue Reading →

swimming lessons.

This week, one of our teeny boys, Asher, was gifted some water floats. He loves to swim. Asher is a good swimmer, but not a safe one. He doesn't stop attempting to swim, even if the water is freezing cold. When we are outside, we put him in a flotation device whether it is appropriate... Continue Reading →

our American life.

Hello sweet friends, Life has been so weird of late. Auggie is still gone. We are still here. Corban and I went to NYC for meetings. I thought Judsen and Joe were going to come with me too, but when I offered they said New York is the city and it smells wonky. They are... Continue Reading →

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