TC does not like me to tell his story.
And since it is his story, not mine…

I won’t.

But I do have permission to show pictures.
And tell you a little from my perspective.
So…let’s do this.

This is TC…

As you can see, he takes after his dad.
If there is a camera around, he is not going to just “say cheese,” because that would be boring.
And TC is anything but boring.


I was taking pictures of all of the kids and TC was the ONLY one facing in the correct direction. So I said, “Hey guys! Turn around!” Everyone turned around, including TC…so then I had five kids facing the right way and TC purposely facing the wrong way. What a nut.

TC is turning fourteen.
He is taller than me, it happened all of a sudden.
I am not a short person.
He is just an Amazon.
He thinks that is REALLY funny.

TC used to spend a lot of time asking me, “When are you going to kick me out?”
And I would say, “Never, you are stuck with us.”
And he would just nod and mull the idea over in his mind.
I haven’t had that question in about a year.
So we are making some progress.

This kid is very vocal and sometimes rather wise for someone of 14.
When I get frustrated with him, he will remind me, “Don’t give up, I am not done quite yet.”
And that is when I feel like a ridiculous human being. The kid who has lived in destruction that I cannot even imagine is reminding me not to give up. Lesson learned.
TC is smarter than me.

TC was adopted when he was 9.
He was very angry.
He was very sad.
He wanted to be a drug dealer when he grew up…

Now he wants to be in the military.
He is less angry, and less sad.
But sometimes it gets the better of both of us.
We don’t get the “why” behind a lot of things that have happened.
And that is just hard.

TC is a GREAT big brother.
He is helpful and kind.
He shares anything he has with everyone else, without being asked.
He wants other people to be happy.


When TC was placed with us I wasn’t quite sure what to do with him.
We have muddled through together.
One day at a time, one struggle at a time.
Because that is what families do.
And we are so glad TC is a part of ours.

Happy Birthday to the oldest child, and tallest person in our family!


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