I have expectations about our morning routine. We have a neatly laid out plan that consists of waking up at 6:30, eating breakfast at the table, doing chores, doing music practice, Bible reading, all ending neatly, quietly, peacefully, with all the children at the table at 8AM ready for lessons. I really do have this schedule, which I expect us to all follow on a slightly regular basis.


I might have slept in this morning…
Maybe…maybe until 8:30…which was probably only 30 minutes before Celee’s orthodontic appointment at 9:00! And since we live 30 minutes from pretty much everything, absolute horror set in and crazy-mom panic commenced.

I shot up in bed, screeching like a mad woman for the kids to get up, get clothes, get something…anything that is food and get IN the bus!! Like…RIGHT NOW! 

I got into the bus with 3 crying kids, and 2 kids that might have worn their pajamas…maybe. (one kid lucked out and was down at the farm with Nigel, so he missed all of the action) I am fairly certain that everyone had matching shoes. I am completely certain that Celee is the only one that brushed her teeth.

On the way to the orthodontist, I drove between 55 and 65 mph. I desperately wished my bus had special Nascar speed capabilities. Over dirt, gravel, pavement. It then occurred to me I had not checked my face, so I peeked into the mirror and noticed I had yesterday’s mascara smooshed down my cheek. And, in my rush I had not bothered to re-do my tornado hair. So, at the next stop sign I licked my thumb and furiously  scrubbed off the mascara.
I really couldn’t do a lot with the hair. My only solution was to wear sunglasses on my head as a make-shift headband. A sweet little voice from the back said “Mom, you don’t need your sunglasses, it’s raining.” So helpful.

So…almost to the orthodontist…2 minutes past 9, which I decided to count as on time, when Celee pipes up from the back “How did we sleep until 9? We never sleep that late!”
At which point, I tell her that we didn’t, we slept until 8:30 and we had to be at her appointment at 9.
Then she responds, “Um, Mom? My appointment is at 9:30, T.C.’s appointment is at 9 tomorrow.”

This is when one more kid joins the already three crying children.

So there I am, driving along, tornado hair, yesterday’s makeup neatly scrubbed off my face with my own spit, and four crying children, 30 minutes EARLY for the appointment.
For some reason, all of this strikes me as hilarious. So, of course I start laughing and snorting. For some unknown reason this causes two of the already-crying kids to cry harder.

Expectations destroyed.

Thankfully, my lovely friend Amy lives close to the orthodontist. She let all of us eat breakfast and let the kids watch Garfield on Netflix. I even got coffee out of the deal! Thank you, Amy!

So, we have recovered…at least somewhat.
Corban has reminded me about every five seconds since this morning that I made almost all of the kids cry all at one time.
Mia has informed me she deserves a pony for my morning behavior.
Joseph prayed before lunch and asked the Lord to “help mom not to snooze her ‘larm tomorrow.”

I am hoping T.C.’s appointment tomorrow is less dramatic.
I have expectations, you know.

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