Back from Mexico!

We’re baaaaaack….mooohahaha!

We survived the trip. We had a great time. We ate too much food and stayed up too late. We got to hang out with my parents and sisters and their husbands and my two nephews.

Family trips are always a learning experience…I love that.

I learned this is the funniest sign ever to be posted in the entire world…according to the boys. I am just confused by this sign. How do you really control that??
I learned my dad wants to be a golf-cart racer.
I learned this is Joseph’s brain-freeze face.
I learned Mia will do anything for a pair of pink sunglasses. My brother-in-law, Kyle, bought Mia a lovely pair, which she decided to wear to bed last night in case the moon was too bright. She has also promised to sweep the floor on Monday if I will let her wear them during school. Sounds like a fair trade to me!
I learned that my fearless nephew Isaiah really likes to run….
and run….
He also ran during dinner, in the park, in the coffee shop, at the zoo, in the airport, on the airplane and in the U.S. Customs line.
So, I also learned that my sister Jennifer is an excellent sprinter.
I learned that Isaiah’s brother, Eli, is not quite as bold, but just as sweet.

I learned I do not like Montezuma. Ew.

We had a wonderful trip filled with new experiences. I am so glad my parents invited us along…they are brave people.

More later, once I have recovered.

Now back to real life…
Glad to be home.



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