Rule breaker

I know my children are going to have lots of phrases from me that make them cringe…My parents always said “quit bickering!” I now have a permanent aversion to the word “bicker.” 
My cringe-worthy phrases are (according to a family poll, in no special order):
1. Get busy!
2. Inappropriate!!
3. It is YOUR choice, but you will have to accept the consequences.

So, whenever one of the above phrases is uttered, it usually means someone is in a bit of trouble.
I hate it when someone gets in trouble!

I just have a few rules…

1. Tell the truth.
(as in the WHOLE thing)

2. Be kind.
This goes for the grown-ups too. 

3. Always try to do your best.

4. Try to use a quieter voice when you are inside.
This one is mostly for me. There is a good chance that I am the loudest. 

5. Take off your shoes and avoid the scary-mud floor. 
If you are not sure what scary mud is…see previous blog about Jasmine’s visit.

6. Take care of your own mess. 
Don’t go to a new mess before putting away items from a previous mess.

That pretty much covers the day-to-day…I think…

The first three rules are the most important, the other three were added by necessity over time.

The kids know I am strict. I expect kindness, truthfulness, hard work…I expect it because they are capable of doing it. I do not buy into the idea that because they are children they are excused from common courtesies and good manners.

Now, consider all of these nicely laid out rules…then imagine me in the waiting room at gymnastics this afternoon with one child flailing around on the floor, refusing to do school work, and throwing books. This would not be following the rules…oh my word, I was so embarrassed. And so very, very frustrated.

If you are hoping I held it together you are about to be disappointed.

It went something like this:

Me: Get busy on your work, please.
Child: NOOOOOOOO!!!!! (put kicking here)
Me: Your behavior is completely inappropriate! You will have an early bedtime if it continues.       
        (blood pressure rising)
Child: I DON’T CARE! (this is when child lays in the floor across the walk way for the gymnasts and
           parents, people are stepping over my wailing, shrieking kid at this point)
Child: NOOOOOOOOO! I WANT TO LAY HEEERRRREEE! (now the book throwing)

At this point I wanted to do this:

But, because I am a grown-up and there were witnesses I just kept trying to convince the poor child that he should indeed get off the floor.

Me: (furiously whispering) You have now lost ALL your privileges, you are permanently grounded 
        you WILL get off this floor RIGHT THIS SECOND or you will accept the consequences…You 
        will do nothing fun until I am not MAD, and that will be a really LONG TIME!  

So let’s review how all of this went…

Child broke rules 2, 3, and 4 and got sent to bed early.

I definitely broke rules 1 – 4.
1. Truth telling. I told the kid I was going to permanently ground him, which is not the whole truth.
2. Kindness. Given my furious tone of voice, I am going to go with unkind on this one.
3. Do your best. Not even close.
4. Quieter inside than out. I would call “GET UP!” a loud voice inside.
Rules 5 and 6 don’t even apply to this situation, so I broke every rule I could possibly break. Not to mention I used all three obnoxious mom phrases which are conveniently underlined above. I feel it is only fair that I also be sent to bed early.

Not the best afternoon, but we will try again tomorrow.

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  1. Pretty sure we've all been there! And, your willingness to put this into a blog post does count for #1 – telling the truth, even when it's not pretty, #2 – being kind by letting the rest of us know we're not alone, #3 and #4 – trying for “best” again tomorrow! You're doing a great job – keep up the good work!


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