Jasmine visits

Jasmine is our worship leader at church…she is 23. She is wild. She is loud…She is FUN.

She is also from the city.

Until today she had never jumped on a trampoline, ridden on a dirt board, or seen as much dirt as we have on our farm.

This is Jasmine.

Jasmine looks very impressed by all the trees. I am not really certain if she was, but she sure looks enthralled.

Jasmine also got to experience trampolines…which was really fun. The kids tried to give her instructions…but I am not sure they explained it correctly.

This was her first attempt at a front flip…it didn’t end well.


Here are the dirt boards:

Notice all the dirt…no, MUD…it is everywhere. There are no shoes allowed in my house because of this mud. We have to walk through it to get from the bus to the house. I can’t avoid it, no matter how I try. (and I try really hard!)

So…here we go…dirt boarding time!

This is the face of Jasmine BEFORE she started moving.

Obviously, mud is very scary.
I find it very scary when it is on my floor, so I can relate to the mud-horror.
Also, take note of Jasmine’s nice, clean, pants and nicely coiffed hair. (this will change later)

Gaining a little confidence…but still not moving.
Looking a little nervous…there is more of that horrible mud! bleck.

mud and mud

And just because she is a visitor, and because we have that much mud, Jasmine, of course, fell…pretty, isn’t it?

After this we had a very necessary mass cleaning.

We had lots and lots of fun while Jasmine was here. With her loudness and wildness, there is also tremendous kindness and compassion. She took time to visit with all the kids..she actually knows all of their names! (wow!) She took the dirt board spill like a champ and she is now a professional trampoline-ing jumper.

I have to say I do have one regret…I missed the big Jasmine-splooshing-in-the-mud-puddle action…no pictures from that, only the aftermath. Maybe she will come back and have a splooshing re-do event…maybe? 

So glad Jasmine came to visit.

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