10 years!

Nigel and I met on a blind date. I thought he talked to much and I was determined to never go out with him again. Ever. Somehow I got over that, I really am not sure why or how..it must have been the Lord, because I was really opposed.

Since being married, I have learned some life lessons from Nigel. Here are four of my favorites:

1. Follow the Lord, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense
We have six children and are building a new farm, that alone, sounds crazy. Pretty much everything we have done has been a direct result of doing what we feel called to do. I don’t believe in luck or fate…I believe in the hand of an Almighty God that is directing us. In my arrogance, I believe I know better, can do better, plan better than the one who created the universe. I regularly take over and it always comes back to bite me. Nigel willingly, happily does what is right, pretty much all the time…I am working on it.

2. Be silly once in awhile.

These pictures are just a couple of the faces-of-Nigel that happen when I say “smile!”…he almost never smiles, it is usually some deer-in-the-headlights, finger-in-nose, kissing people (that aren’t me!), or behind-grabbing picture. I generally find it obnoxious…however, our children laugh their heads off, and insist he is the best picture-taker in our family.

3. Allow our kids to take risks, and take a few ourselves.
Nigel has no issue with risks. He thinks that is what life is about. He has a shirt that so perfectly states his thoughts. It says:

“Insight: the ability to see a thrilling adventure where others see only a near-death experience.” 
He routinely gets me to step our of my comfort zone (which I hate)…and gets the kids to do the same.

4. Don’t give up….no matter what.
Nigel is forever looking for better ways to do anything. Better ways to save money, better ways to get to the store, better ways to run his farm, better ways to educate our kids, better ways to be a husband..the list goes on and on. He NEVER quits thinking of what is a “better” way to do something. I LOVE this about him. If one way doesn’t work, he just checks it off and tries another..It doesn’t matter that the last twenty zillion attempts didn’t work, we will try another way tomorrow. He never, ever gives up.

6 kids, 10 anniversaries, 5 adoptions, 4 jobs, 5 homes, ago I was single…I was 23 and a completely ridiculous, self-absorbed girl. I wanted to get married live in the suburbs, adopt a few kids, get a job, make lots of money and retire when I was 50. My goodness, how priorities change. I cannot imagine my life any differently than it is now, I don’t even want to.
Happy Anniversary, Nigel…

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