Auggie Update.

We are aaalllll done except for one hunk of paper that we are waiting and waiting for. It is the 171-h. I am not really sure what purpose it serves, except that I have to have it. And it has something to do with immigration. When it is delivered there is a possibility I will kiss the UPS delivery person. Or cry. Or possibly faint. Maybe all three.

Once the 171-h gets to Auggie’s country and our entire dossier is submitted, my understanding is, we will be traveling within 5 to 12 weeks.

I will be gone for several weeks to get Auggie home. That doesn’t include the hospital stay we are anticipating once we arrive back in the states. I have gotten lots of questions/emails about how we are going to handle all of this.
The short answer is: Some things just aren’t going to get done. Some things the kids can take over. Some things Nigel can take over. And some things we have friends or family that will take over.

Food: I will be freezing a TON of meals in the next month. I am currently working on meal plans/shopping lists for Nigel. And the kids know how to cook a few things, so they will help out quite a bit. Other than that, one of our dear friends has offered to feed the family periodically. And Nigel can handle the rest. He is an excellent breakfast-maker, so my guess is they will have eggs, toast, and fruit a lot. Also, sandwiches, quesadillas, spaghetti…the kids will be in kid-food heaven.

School: Right now we are working on getting ahead in our lessons. This will allow more school flexibility while I am away. So they will have to get some school done, but it won’t be as intense as what we are doing now. We have homeschooling friends and Nigel to supervise school activities.

Laundry: Our two older kids do their own laundry and therefore are familiar with our washer and dryer. So, I have drafted Celee into being the laundry-responsible lady. She is very neat and organized by nature, so she fills this role rather easily.

Activities: Nigel will be the activity driver. We have dance 2-days-a-week. Gymnastics 1-day-a-week. Basketball 4-or-5-days-a-week. Homeschool classes every-other-week. Youth band, youth group and church. Currently, we are not taking on any more activities. Not one. Don’t ask.
Nigel can handle most of this because activities take place in the evening (for the most part). So he will be done at the farm, unless something is broken. And if something does break, then the kids might just not make it that day…and that is okay.
The biggest issue that I am predicting with activities is overlapping schedules. So in the event that two things are happening at once, help will be drafted, or someone might just have to get picked up a little early or dropped off a little late.

I am so fortunate to have an exceedingly helpful husband. His catch-phrase right now is, “I can handle it!” I have not heard him utter one complaint. Love that man.

So, that is the update for now.
Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments and emails.
We have been truly blessed to hear from you all!

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