Our Auggie Update.

Since we committed to Auggie on September 30 we have done mountains of paperwork. MOUNTAINS. Every minute, minuscule crack and crevice of our life is now documented. Everyone should be pleased to know that I tested negative for syphilis and gonorrhea.

Eastern Europe will know me better than my own mother.

We have FOUR major documents we are waiting on:
1. Final, notarized copies of our home study
2. Nigel’s medical form
3. Adoption Petition (can’t be completed until we get finalized home study)
4. Our form 171h from USCIS which we can’t get until we have our home study…
Everything else is done…I think.

We are planning a fundraiser on December 7th…a silent auction/chili cook-off. I have some of the most wonderful, beautiful, fantastic friends EVER. They let me draft them into helping. So nice.

We have applied for grants.

The financial aspect is a little scary. But, we have been so blessed and shocked by the support we have gotten. We are SO thankful.

To jump out on a limb, blindly, is rather unusual for us…well, for me. I like my plan. I LOVE a schedule. It makes me happy. It makes me secure. It makes me…boring.

We don’t know much more about our boy than we did at the beginning of this journey…
We don’t know how Auggie’s health is now. We don’t know what he looks like now. We don’t know exactly when we will be traveling.

I hope we will be done with paperwork SOON. And that I can get to Eastern Europe quickly…

Because Auggie is worth all of this and more. Every notarization. Every apostille. Every dollar. Every hour spent chasing down another necessary document…He IS worth it.

So praying for…speediness for us. Health for Auggie.

I can’t wait to meet this precious boy.

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