and then there were 10.

It is a little wild around here.
We are anticipatory and nervous.

We are washing sheets, rearranging rooms.
Moving kids from one room to another.
Pulling out one car seat and one booster seat…
and washing the seat covers, because after being stored for a bit…
they smell.

This time of waiting is not hard for me.
I am not sure why.
Maybe because I value the few small hours we have to organize.
To prepare the kids that are already here for the arrival of two more.
To vacuum, scrub, wash…
To attempt (once again) to rid the boys’ bathroom of its boy-bathroom smell.
It never works.
But we try.

I value the time to pray.

My job…
I am always very clear on what my job is NOT.
It is not to replace a mom.
Because, if there is one thing I will NEVER be, it is their biological Mom…
I know this.

My job is to love.
to help.
to cry.
to laugh.
to pray.
to teach.
to learn.
And then to let go.

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