Just the 8 of us…

So, I am attempting a blog. If any of this actually posts I will consider it a miracle directly from the Lord. I pretty much stink at all things “computer.” I consider myself blessed if I can get coupons to print when I want them. In creating this blog, I think I accidentally set up a new email account. The ONLY reason I know I created an accidental email was because gmail kindly sent a notification congratulating me on my new email account. Now, if anyone tries to email me at said account it could cause an issue because I am sure I have to have a password, and I have no idea what it is. 

I am a wife to a super sexy husband…his name is Nigel. And here, he looks a little scary, but he really isn’t. This is the face he makes when he is doing something else and is just appeasing me with my camera. I call this his “losing patience” face.

And we have six lovely children…

I consider this picture a rather great accomplishment…I have at least a couple looking in the correct direction. Good job, girls! 

I like to take pictures. I like to cook. I LOVE to have friends come to our house. My favorite conversation topic is foster care and adoption.

We live on a farm, homeschool, and mostly run around like maniacs trying to squeeze too much into one day. (at least that is how it feels) 

Our house may be a little too loud, a little too wild, a little too crazy for lots of people, but that is exactly how I like it. I dread the time when I know what quiet sounds like and what rested feels like. I love this precious time with my family. 


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