Not ready. Not one bit.

Today we are back in business. Pencils are sharpened.Paper and dividers are crisp and new.New books.New curricula.Schedule is written and ready to be followed.This morning I was ready.Ready for a great day filled with smiles.Ready to teach.Ready to learn.I was ready.Then the day began.Sweet Moses...I was W-R-O-N-G.I don't mean wrong like 2 + 2 =... Continue Reading →

A Little about Learning.

Some reasons we homeschool...1. Sometimes I let the kids sleep in!!! hallelujah.Truthfully, most mornings, we are up at 6:30. And I feel guilty sleeping in...and sometimes sleeping wreaks havoc on our schedule (see Expectations blog)...but some mornings, I lay around for an extra hour. On those mornings I work on a blog, or eat toast in peace,... Continue Reading →

Homeschooling and politics…

We homeschool.I love it, most days.Like today, the kids zoomed through school, we learned, we laughed, we researched, we learned some more.Lessons were done with smiles.Attitudes were excellent.I always wish people would just pop over on days like this, so the person could be impressed with my organization and amazingly well behaved children. But, we... Continue Reading →

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